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About American Corners

American Corners are small, American-style libraries located within a local partner organization, usually a library. American Corners are true partnerships with the local organization, because host institution personnel staff the Corners. Access to American Corners and their collections is free and open to all interested citizens of Kazakhstan.

Each American Corner features an English language collection of American fiction and reference books on U.S. government, history, culture. Corners also provide access to information about the U.S. through supervised Internet access, audio, and video recordings of American films and documentaries.

American Corners support local English instruction with an extensive collection of English teaching materials which are frequently used by local students, teachers and U.S. Peace Corps volunteers.

American Corners also offer U.S. speakers on a variety of topics and host a range of classes, clubs and activities.

For more information about American Corners in Kazakhstan please contact a US Embassy Information Resource Center or contact the Corners directly using the information provided below.

American Culture Center Oskemen
East Kazakhstani Oblast Library
102 Ushanov St.
Telephone: (8-3232) 26-13-33
[email protected]

American Corner Shymkent
South Kazakhstani Branch of Republican Science Technical Library
10 Baitursynov St.
Telephone: (8-3252) 21-29-27
[email protected]

American Corner Atyrau
Atyrau Oblast Library
13 Satpayev St.
Telephone: (8-3122) 27-14-38
[email protected]

American Corner Petropavlovsk
North Kazakhstani Oblast Library
25 Konstitustiya Ave.
Telephone: (8-3152) 46-08-92
[email protected]

American Corner Uralsk
West Kazakhstani Oblast Library for Children and Youth
166/1 Dostyk Ave.
Telephone: (8-3112) 50-34-47
[email protected]

American Corner Karaganda
Karaganda Oblast Library
44 Yerubayev St.
Telephone: (8-3212) 56-76-55
[email protected]

American Corner Almaty
Central Scientific Library
28 Shevchenko St.
Telephone: (8-3272) 72-87-88
[email protected]

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