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Press Section

Press Section

The Press Section answers press queries, publicizes the Embassy activities, and articulates U.S. government policies for the Kazakhstani media. It also organizes press conferences for visiting U.S. officials and assists the western news media working in Kazakhstan. In addition, the Information Section distributes publications on democracy, economics, human rights, U.S. legislation, and other matters of current interest to government officials, academic institutions, news media, and nongovernmental organizations. The Information Section is headed by Press Officer Jacqueline McKennan, resident in Astana +7-3172-580-890.

The Press Officer works with Information Assistants to maintain contacts between journalists and the U.S. Embassy. They issue press releases, answer media inquiries, and distribute U.S. television and radio products. They also link local journalists and other interested people with U.S. government officials or other specialists in the United States through electronic dialogues — by Internet, telephone and satellite.

Together with the Cultural Section, the Information Section also helps to provide training and educational materials to journalists and opportunities for them to understand journalism as it is practiced in the United States.

Information Service relies on a variety of media and methods to accomplish its public diplomacy mission. The Washington File provides time-sensitive news and analysis, official statements, texts and transcripts. The File is available daily in English and in Russian. WorldNet provides a local audience with direct access to U.S. policymakers through a variety of live and taped multilingual news and information television programs acquired from commercial and public broadcast organizations. Information Service also connects specialists in different fields with their counterparts in the United States through telepress conferences by telephone.

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